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Modern Web Development

At Polymath Labs we specialize in building digital products using modern web development.
What are modern web apps? At Polymath Labs we define the following criteria for modern web apps:


Functions available across multiple channels: web, mobile, API, wearable device, etc.


Built for the Cloud, not just in the Cloud (Serverless, Microservices, Containers, etc.).


Built to last, scalable, resilient, and resistant to unpredictable operating conditions.


Security as a feature, based on industry standards for architecture, risk assessment, and mitigation strategies.

Cost Effective

Designed for the lowest cost of operation, while meeting all business objectives.

What we can do for you

Some scenarios we can help you with:


You are launching a new digital product, you need an MVP built fast, and done right.


You have an existing digital product that no longer meets internal and external demands, and must be modernized.


You have a number of disparate and disconnected business functions that require manual labor, at a cost to your business.


Your team lacks specialized expertise, e.g. Serverless, Microservices, React, etc.


You have the team and expertise, you need to add reliable and expert on-demand capacity.

choose us?

Our delivery excellence is built on top of:

Disciplined agile

We follow a disciplined and structured Agile delivery methodology, everything happens on-time, we deliver on-time.


Agile and DevOps are integral components of our delivery model, our process is driven by DevOps, and each team has an assigned DevOps engineer.

Transparent partnership

We work together, from day one. We use your source control, your infrastructure, and you will see product demos every two weeks.

We are Polymaths

We are multi-domain experts, and design solutions that match your needs, accounting for functional, operational, and financial requirements.


Our clients love us:

We sought the help of Polymath Labs in developing a custom Portal to complement our Enterprise Data Analytics initiative. Polymath Labs delivered complex modules across business domains, collaborated with our internal IT teams, implemented Agile and DevOps processes - all with a lean budget.

  • Michele Scaggiante
  • Michele Scaggiante

    VP and CIO of New York Blood Center

The Polymath Labs team was able to quickly grasp our product vision and goal to build something fast and lean that matches our immediate product goals. Polymath Labs is perfect for those that need a scaled team fast.

  • Michele Scaggiante
  • Jason Fan

    Co-Founder, CEO of BrainCeek

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