/'pa:limæθ/ n. (pl.-s)
A person of wide-ranging knowledge or learning: Like Leonardo, Michelangelo was a polymath genius. Only a polymath could pull this project off. |Greek polymathēs very learned, from poly- + manthanein to learn]

Polymath Labs

  /'pa:limæθ læbs/ n.
A team of modern web developers, serverless experts, polymaths: Polymath Labs is an AWS Consulting Partner and a Microsoft Partner. Polymath Labs existing and previous clients include New York Blood Center, BrainCeek, JP Morgan, Best Buy, Sony Music, Pfizer, Weightwatchers and many more.

Why become a Polymath?

  • Deep expertise
  • Onsite coaching
  • Bonuses based on meritocracy
  • Tremendous training and learning benefits
  • Fun working invironment
  • Groundbreaking technologies
  • Paid annual leave of four weeks
  • Health insurance

What it means?

Polymath Labs will serve you as a platform for growing your expertise. If you are not a polymath yet, you will soon be. With Polymath Labs as a platform, you will not only become a leading expert, but also achieve your maximal potential, by becoming the best possible version of you.

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