Apprentice QA Engineer



Job Type

Full Time

GET A CHANCE to become a QA Engineer through our 6-month FULLY-FUNDED Apprentice Training Program. APPLY until January 9th, 2022 for an opportunity to develop and execute exploratory and automated tests to ensure product quality.


  • Gain increased familiarity with information technology and software
  • Acquire theoretical and hands-on skills for Software Quality Assurance Testing techniques
  • Exposure to additional concepts that improve decision making, in life and at work
  • Amazing learning and working environments and positive atmosphere
  • Fun and educational events
  • Covered expenses for attending training and practical work
  • Working opportunity

Required Skills

  • English - Intermediate

Polymath perks

  • Health benefits.1

  • Paid time off.

  • Office hours.

  • Work from anywhere.2

  • Karma points that offers rewards for remarkable work.

  • Performance bonuses.

  • Half-day Fridays during summer.

  • Free snacks (and caffeine, obviously).1

  • Internal communities, social activities, and bi-weekly KX sessions.

  1. Qualified countries only, currently only USA and Kosovo.
  2. Remote positions only.