High-performance teams require experience and expertise in a multitude of domains:

Technology stack

It takes balance to be on the bleeding edge of technology, while avoiding technology fads. At Polymath Labs we keep current with promising technologies through internal R&D projects, but specialize in, and recommend mature technologies to our clients. This strategy has served us and our clients well for decades. In terms of such mature technologies, we specialize in and recommend:

  • Node, .Net, and Java for backend development

  • React, and Angular for front-end development

  • AWS and Azure as Cloud platforms

As Polymaths, our engineers have expertise in a significant number of technologies beyond this list, allowing us to work on just about any major technology or platform.

Technology stack

Agile methodology

While most organizations today have transitioned to Agile project management for software development, each does Agile their own way. At Polymath Labs we deliver using an Agile process that is tailored to distributed teams and adjusted for professional services. Some of the elements of our Agile process:

  • We believe in planning, we plan before work begins, we plan each Sprint, and we plan releases

  • We execute with discipline, our process is lean, and we follow it without exception

  • We believe in transparency, our clients have full visibility into the work we do, during the entire engagement

Agile methodology


DevOps is a discipline of optimizing the technology value delivery stream. At Polymath Labs, we believe Agile Methodology and DevOps are critical tenets of effective digital product development, especially in the Cloud. While we do not offer this capability as a standalone offering, each of our project teams will have an assigned DevOps engineer to:

  • Design the digital product operations from the onset, including production operational support, scaling and resilience configuration, and disaster recovery

  • Identify non-functional requirements with each Sprint, including operational support, security, and compliance

  • Automate as many of the delivery processes as the platform and the project budget allows, with Continuous Integration, and Deployments being the minimum

  • Streamline system configuration using platform best practices