2019 AWS re:Invent RECAP with Polymath Labs & Tech Celebrity Darko Mesaroš in Prishtina
March 05, 2020

Polymath Labs invited AWS Developer Advocate Darko Mesaroš to speak at the Kosovo AWS Meetup, which the company organizes. He spoke on the latest announcements from AWS re:Invent 2019.

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AWS re:Invent is a massive, world-renown cloud computing convention held each year in Las Vegas, NV, USA. Polymath Labs and Darko Mesaroš share a taste of the experience at the Amazon Web Services Kosovo Meetup.

In the heart of Prishtina, a who’s who of Kosovo’s brightest ICT (Information & Communications Technology) enthusiasts packed into the aptly-named Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK) as Berlin-based Amazon Web Services Senior Developer Advocate Darko Mesaroš awaited his cue to take the stage and begin recounting his experience at 2019’s AWS re:Invent conference in Las Vegas, NV.

Mesaroš is a bit of a tech celebrity and an Amazon Web Services evangelist of sorts, a veteran IT pro whose extensive work as a developer, Solutions Architect, and Premium Support Engineer has thrust him right into the heart of the AWS experience. Basically, if you’ve got an AWS question, you call Darko (realistically, you can add him on Twitter @darkosubotica. Never one to miss a big opportunity, Polymath Labs CEO Visar Gashi - @veesarg connected with Darko at 2019 re:Invent where the two like-minded tech gurus hit it it off and set the wheels in motion for Darko to present a breakdown of the conference several months later at the Innovation Centre Kosovo for those who couldn’t make the trip to Vegas in person.

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It’s no mistake that the crowd at the AWS re:Invent RECAP was the biggest that has turned out to any of Darko’s presentations despite the fact that he frequents much larger cities around the Balkans than Kosovo’s relatively small (yet mighty) capital city. re:Invent is among the world’s premiere conferences focused on all things cloud, drawing over 65,000 cloud computing professionals and enthusiasts from every corner of the globe to Las Vegas for the 2019 conference for an almost overwhelming array of events. World-renown keynote speakers present practically around the clock, top innovators in cloud computing unveil exciting new tech, training and certification opportunities abound for attendees, myriad networking events take place before and after the regularly-scheduled daily programming, dazzling after-hours extravaganzas the likes of which can only be found in Vegas; it’s a whirlwind educational, networking, innovative, and exploratory embarrassment of cloud computing riches, and the top Information Technology minds in and around Prishtina couldn’t wait to get Darko’s first-hand account of the AWS re:Invent play-by-play.

The presentation dug quite deep into some technical cloud computing concepts, and the well-informed crowd packed shoulder-to-shoulder into the Innovation Centre Kosovo had no apparent issue keeping pace with the technical side of things. As a point of fact, Darko peppered the audience with questions periodically throughout the evening and started running low on the t-shirts and mugs he was giving out for correct answers, as he was never once left hanging without a correct, thoughtful response.

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When he had finished divulging his personal highlights from the 2019 re:Invent, exploring the offerings to be found in the AWS landscape (Amazon Builders’ Library, CodeGuru, Braket, Fraud Detector, SageMaker, and AWS DeepComposer to name a few), and tossing t-shirts into an appreciative crowd of Kosovo’s elite innovators in cloud technology, formality was set aside as audience and presenter alike gathered over pizza and beer to talk shop, pick one another’s brains, and dream up plans of making the pilgrimage to Vegas for re:Invent 2020. Speaking of re:Invent 2020, it’s easier than ever to attend as it’s going virtual this year! [Sign up here](https://reinvent.awsevents.com/) to get in on the excitement this November 30 - December 18.

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